book author Kerri Malloy

I’m not particularly fond of putting a title on who I am as a person. Yes, I’m a writer, but I’m also a business woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cook—schooled as a pastry chef, a student of life, and I hope several more things before I leave this earth. I love to experience new places, but it’s the people I meet and hearing their stories that inspires me to write. I am particularly drawn to write about women, who, when faced with adversity, not only survive but emerge victorious. My goal in spinning these yarns is not only to entertain readers, but give hope to those who may be struggling and show them that even during the darkest of times, they, like the characters in my books, can come out triumphant.


I hail from a beautiful, small historical town in Connecticut.