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Lana, once a dedicated nurse, has left her career after suffering the loss of her husband and child in a car accident. Rock Star legend, Trevor, who recently lost his best friend and bandmate in a plane crash, is now the guardian of Lily, a four year old who has been raised under a veil of secrecy. When Trevor learns that Lily may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, he must reach out to someone who will keep Lily’s existence a secret. His aunt, who is also a therapist, suggests Lana, and together, Trevor and Lana embark on a journey where they uncover startling truths about Lily’s parents, while struggling to overcome their own personal tragedies and to open themselves to love.

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Julie Cameron’s life takes an unexpected turn when her mother’s life depends on her unraveling the mystery of a secret buried long ago. As her mother lays in a semiconscious state following a stroke, Julie races against time to piece together people and events that she believes may hold the key to her mother’s recovery – an unsolved murder from fifty years ago, an unfamiliar name scribbled on scrap paper, an aunt sworn to secrecy, and Jontea, a reluctant accomplice with as much to lose as Julie. With each new clue Julie and Jontea grow closer, but is the price of truth too high, threatening not only their developing relationship but the lives of those they love most?